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Pro Criança Cardíaca is a non-profit medical institution, founded in 1996 by the cardiologist Dr. Rosa Celia. In its 25 years of work, the institution has cared for more than 15 thousand low-income children and teenagers, performed more than 35 thousand consultation, has provided care for 100 thousand outpatients and performed 1.6 thousand invasive procedures such as heart surgeries and diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization. Every month, the institution renders services for approximately 140 low-income children that are cared for by a high-quality team of cardiologists.

This non-profit medical institution, founded by the cardiologist Dr. Rosa Celia, who still leads the institution, was created because it was so difficult for her to say no to low-income families that sought her help in her private practice. Her desire to help made her look for means to make her dream come true.

One of her main goals was that the health facility was not exclusive for medical procedure but also a complete structure to meet the needs of the children as well as their families’, offering a multidisciplinary care, including dentistry, dermatology, nutrition, ophthalmology, and psychology. And to provide help for food, meds, diapers, books and toys.



At headquarter, our team of highly skilled professionals carries out about 140 consultations per month that involve clinical evaluation, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and 24-hour holter. Other outpatient tests, such as hematology evaluation and tomography, and invasive procedures, such as heart surgeries and catheterization, are performed at Hospital Pediátrico Pro Criança Jutta Batista.

After hospital discharge, the child returns for follow-up consultation to carry on the treatment. During the whole process, the patient is treated by the same team, who provides the necessary support.

Founded in 2003 to treat low-income children and teenagers with heart disease, our dentistry staff is formed by a team of voluntary dentists who offer treatment to Pro Criança Cardíaca’s patients for free and performed more than 5600 dental care.

In addition of treating skin diseases, the dermatologist treats the surgical wound, since scarring is often a delicate point for teenagers.

The nutritionist carries out an individual evaluation offering the necessary caloric support for each patient with heart disease and overweight in addition to help families to keep healthy habits.

The psychology team offers support to the patient and their families, treating the psychological aspects associated with heart disease. We try to develop the patient’s resilience during the pre-surgical time, and promote the understanding regarding the disease itself, in addition to develop an acceptance related to the patients’ activity restrictions. It is important to emphasize that conditions related to both emotional and socioeconomic needs are also addressed.


Thousands of children who suffer from a heart disease do not have access to the treatment that may save their lives. Pro Criança changes this story!


“It is very rare to see this level of organization and transparency, which results in high efficiency in their wonderful main mission to cure people from severe illness.”

Eduardo Schmidt, Partner, Schmidt Lourenço Kingston Advogados

“It is not only about helping an institution that helps people, it is about helping an institution that helps people and is formed by very cool people.”

Bruno Tocantins, Partner, Tocantins & Pacheco Advogados

“I highly recommend that people help Pro Criança Cardíaca. I know it is a serious project, and I know, without a shadow of doubt, that the contributions are well used and you see the results!”

Rubem Perlingeiro, Partner, Ulhôa Canto Advogados



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